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I wrote this in C# using WPF as the GUI. It is pretty basic as far as calculators go, but it was a good learning experience for validating input and parsing a string.

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Factor Number

C++ program that you enter a number into, and it lists all the prime numbers that number is composed of. The program is not of much use for anything, but it was a good learning/test exercise developing the algorithms for it.

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Degree Planner


An Android app I wrote to help college students, myself included. Tracks your assignments with projections of your overall grade, schedule, courses taken, and which you still need to take. Tells you your cumulative GPA, and gives you a calculator to see how new course grades will affect that GPA.

Android app on Google Play



Console based chess program that I created in C# around September of 2012. I spent approximately a month coding this. Pieces are represented by the first letter of their name. Knights are a lowercase k, while the king is a capitol K.

You play the game by typing in the coordinate of the piece you want to move, and then the coordinate the piece will move to. The program validates moves, check, and checkmate.

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Created in C# around September of 2012. Click a square to mark the spot, and it alternates between X and O automatically.

Alerts you when a player has won, and you can click File -> New Game to play again.

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